Tumor Trace: This Computer Program Can Detect Cancer In Just 2 Days

SP’s: Technical University of Denmark (DTU) has come up with a new computer algorithm called Tumor Trace, that can detect several kinds and location of cancer in just 2 days with 85% accuracy.

Cancer- the dreadful disease that has plagued the world today. However, if detected at an early stage, can still be treated. Hence, time plays a crucial factor in the treatment of cancer.
The good news is that researchers at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) have come up with a new computer algorithm called Tumor Trace, that can detect several kinds and location of cancer. And the best part? Well, in just 2 days.

So why did the need of such an algorithm at all arise?

At present, though doctors can diagnose the type and site of cancer, yet it remains undetected in 1 out of 20 cases. This is known as cancer of unknown primary (CUP). That’s really tragic is that people suffering from CUP have to go through a lot of tests and are ultimately given a are given a cocktail of chemotherapy drugs, which often fails to reach and work upon the target area.

1,658,370 new cancer cases were registered in U.S in the year 2015 and there are approximately 30,000 CUP cancer cases every year. Such shocking statistics, demand for a more efficient method of diagnosing cancer.

cancer cure method

So, how does Tumor Trace work?

This is a self-learning computer algorithm,
It compares thousands of samples to diagnose the cancer infected area correctly
The program is then able to assess a biopsy and, thereby, providing  a number of scenarios for where cancer may have developed
It then indicates the probability of those scenarios.
Accuracy was tested on 1,669 public tumors of certain types
This including a set of 24 specimens from nine lung cancer patients and a cohort of 91 breast metastases
Accuracy was found out to be around 85%
Researchers are optimistic about further improvements in this cancer detecting method which promises of detecting the free cancer cell source in a blood sample. Detection of cancer at an early stage not only increases the chances of full recovery, but also ensures less of physical and mental trauma for the patient.

Could this be one step closer to curing cancer? What are your opinions?  Tell us in the comments below.
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