Priory of Self-reflection

I have been a failure

To them, to myself but now i am a mountain that refuses to collapse and accepts to stand against the most powerful storm.

I have been forgiving

To others, to my wrong-doers but now i choose to first forgive myself for all my sins and stand for justice for the brutality that you and me had to suffer.

I have been forgiven but never forgotten

For being a bitch to all. My name was carved then on the portrait of a witch, a snake, a terrific friend. But now i look back and the pictures render me strength to accept the worst and inspires to be my better version everyday.

I have never been a proud person

Felt miserable when my little niece told her mother that she looks forward to be a strong, beautiful, intellectual like me (who herself isn’t proud of her journey). But now i stand tall to inspire every possible soul to fight and rise against the self pity. To find the right road to be taken and to achieve whatever realistic they want. Today, I am the Godmother of my two beautiful niece.

I lost my voice

to many of my experiences. The violence and abuse that made me numb wasn’t forgotten. But i let them pass to live my life to the fullest because i wasn’t the accused but the one who lived it. So, i chose to rise over those offences and put up a voice for the liberation of the sick-heads.

I have never been a subtle woman

Ever since my experiences, with diversified vibes, people often called me a slut, rebel, maniac and what not. But i know my journey and that my shoes were too big for them to even fit in. So, now, i let them bark at me with their superlative slang and offer them with good fangs.

I have never been chosen

For being all this things in just one package. So, i chose myself and i’ll do it time and again to celebrate all my personalities everyday. From being a roaring sunflower to a colorful rainbow, i live and i love myself

Yes, Today i smiled.

Did you ?


P.S.- It is not enough to choose yourself. It is equally important to accept the decision that you chose yourself over anything that hurts you.

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