Narendra Modi Photo In “Top 10 Criminals” on Web Search Engine’s(Google And Bing)

Narendra Modi Photo In “Top 10 Criminals” on Web Search Engine’s(Google And Bing)

When user search on Web Search Engine’s(Google And Bing) for “Top 10 criminals” then Narendra Modi” who is the Prime Minister of India showing up in Web Search Engine’s(Google And Bing) search results.

As we all know,Web Search Engine’s(Google And Bing) will display the result based on lot’s of algorithm.Though Web Search Engine’s(Google And Bing) thrives to show up best possible results in their search results, sometime the algorithms fail to do so. This is due to some peculiar Web Search Engine’s(Google And Bing) algorithms.On the Web Search Engine’s(Google And Bing) search result for “Top 10 criminals” will be as given below:

In the above image, google search clearly mention “These results don’t reflect Web Search Engine’s(Google And Bing) opinion or our beliefs; our algorithms automatically matched the query to web pages with these images.“People must understand that Web Search Engine’s(Google And Bing) is a robot and not a human being.

Why Narendra Modi showing up in Web Search Engine’s(Google And Bing) Top result?

Lot’s of website wrote about this article so There’s been a lot of buzz on Internet about this topic – and some website owner used the word “Criminal ” and “Criminal case” etc..As we all know Web Search Engine’s(Google And Bing) works on the basis of keywords and the keywords that are listed in the article was responsible for this .

Is this a mistake of Web Search Engine’s(Google And Bing) algorithm? Let us know the same in Comment.
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