Make Your Own Robots With World’s First Modular Robot “CellRobot”

SP’s: KEYi Technology had invented the world’s first modular robot which is offering 100 robots in a device. It can be configured and re-configured for performing various tasks. It is app-enabled and mainly consists of a heart, cell and x-cell.

Remember how all of us got charmed by the microbots in the movie Big Hero 6? And how much we wanted to own them?
Well, guess what? It just got REAL!

KEYi Technology has come up with the world’s first smart modular robot which is offering 100 robots in one device called the CellRobot. It can be assembled in various forms, programmed and configured and then reprogrammed and reconfigured for performing various tasks.

So what is it made up of?

Well, broadly, it can be divided into 3 parts:



heart of cell robot

The heart is the powerhouse of all the modules. Also, it ensures the CellRobot’s connection to smartphones or tablets.

2. CELL:

cell of cell robot

Each cell consists of:

Servo motor
The cell needs to be connected to the heart so as to be directed along the desired direction.

3. X-CELL:


X-CELL ensures the evolution of CellRobots helping them to be innovative. X-CELLS are made up of:

A 360 degrees panoramic camera that can be connected in any position
Spotlight not only ensures proper lighting when required, but also can be configured into a beautiful lamp
Wheels are present to ensure that the cellrobots move faster
Connectors help one connect cellrobots to table/desk more conveniently

So what defines the uniqueness of CellRobots?

app of cell robot

CellRobots are backed up by some of the most amazing features that make it truly unique. Here, take a look at these:

APP. ENABLED: This consists of mainly two modes: GUIDE mode and CUSTOM mode. The Guide Mode consists of predefined instruction set while the CUSTOM mode, as the name suggests lets one customize the cellrobots,

HACKING: Cellrobot platform can be used by hackers and creators from all over the world to create more X-CELLS

DIVERSITY:  Besides the option of choosing pre existing shapes from the Shape Library inside the APP, it also comes with a variety of colors in the joints of the cells

SIMPLICITY: Being App enabled, it is simple to understand and easy to use

Although there are a couple of disadvantages in CellRobots for now like it’s neither cheap nor fast. Also, it cannot fly. However, this innovative creature is a  learning robot and have huge scope in future.

Source: Kickstarter
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