No doubt Jio is already ruling the current telecom network in India like a boss. And after the telecom success, it is back to make its way in phone market as well. Company’s Chairman Mr Mukesh Ambani in the AGM declared the launch of a 4G feature phone which is free at least according to them.

The company only offers 4G services so it was hard for them to get in the simple cell phones but the launch of this phone has certainly paved the way for their dominance to continue in the mobile as well as cellular network industries. The company has provided VoLTE (Voice over Long-Term Evolution) services with a basic phone called ‘JioPhone’.

The phone will certainly bring a revolution in mobile industry because it was hard for basic phone users to find a 4G phone but now JioPhone will solve their problems.

Know more about the phone’s specification and its date of availability.

Yes that is Free!

Jio has also called JioPhone as ‘India Ka Smartphone’ and is available at an effective price that is Rs. 0. But there are some conditions…

So what exactly are the conditions?

The phone will be only available to users who are ready to pay refundable 1500 rupees to the company. The money will be returned after 3 years to the buyers.

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