How an Engineer Built His Own Thor’s Hammer That Only He Can Lift

SP’s: An electrical engineer has utilised his great DIY skills to device his very own version of Thor’s hammer. Read ahead to know how he made it and watch the video.

Do you remember that scene from the latest Avengers: Age of Ultron where all superheroes are trying to lift Thor’s hammer? You must be aware of the fact that the Thor’s hammer, also known as Mjolnir, can only be lifted by the ones worthy of its power. As a result, everybody gives a try and fails.
Later, Tony Stark offers a witty explanation that the handle of the hammer is imprinted with Thor’s fingerprints. Along the similar lines, did you ever imagine the possibility of Thor’s hammer in real life?

Well, an electrical engineer Allen Pan has decided to replicate Thor’s hammer to make his very own Mjolnir. He runs a popular YouTube channel Sufficiently Advanced on YouTube.

To make his hammer immovable, he made use of strong magnets. Inside the head of his Thor’s hammer, he housed a microwave oven transformer electromagent. This uses electricity to create a very strong magnetic field, so strong that when placed on a metal surface, the hammer is too heavy to lift.


On the handle, there is a capacitive touch sensor that is connected to an Arduino Pro Mini and a solid state relay. These components act as a switching device and as soon as someone touches the handle, the electromagnets are turned on. As a result, the strong magnetic field is generated that sticks the hammer to the metallic surface.

To make it more badass, Allen made an arrangement to turn off the electromagnet via a fingerprint sensor. When he touches the sensor with his thumb, the field switches off and he’s able to life the hammer just like Thor.

In an amusing video below, Allen took his innovative DIY to the Venice Beach, California and challenged the people to lift the hammer. What happens next, watch in this video below:

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