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Every night, my heart aches
at the impasse
of never running back to you,
And never being able
to have endless talk with you;
It breaks my heart.

My soul withers;
I can’t feel your silence anymore.
Now the secret is well buried
but I can’t see you smirk at me
for every teasing words.

I shiver at the sheer thought
of your absence, I have to live with.
And my heart crumbles and bleeds
To realize, I have lost you
to the descending evenings.

Every night, I think of running back
to you, like good old times.
Take a time-turner to revisit
the moments, when we met first.
And the chronicles of nostalgia oozes out.

Evenings, of your return
And the tranquility of your presence
rendered to me a sighed breathe.
And now, every morning
I return back to the edge where
I could find a way to let you go.

Your embrace, sight and returns
one day, I’ll let it all go;
Off my mind, off my soul.
One day, this phase will pass
And bring a new sun
With fresh dose of love
And captivating zephyrs.

– Bipasha Banik

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