Facebook Scans Your Phonebook To Guess Who You Are Dating Online

SP’s: In a bizarre incident, Facebook users are reportedly seeing increasing friend suggestions of the people they have dated before through Tinder. Is it six-degree separation or mere intrusion?

In the 21st century, striving for privacy is a mind-numbing struggle. As much as SPR along with several international privacy and security-concerned platforms has stressed on the topic, there is still a huge chunk of unaware users who have no idea of what’s going on.

Now, as is the latest case against the social media’s intrusion in peoples’ lives, incidents have been reported that Facebook users are getting the friend suggestions of people that they have dated previously and share nothing in common but a Tinder match. One thing to be noted is that everyone has shared their phone number on the profile. Similar instances have been noted in LinkedIn as well.

Daniel Cuthbert, COO at a security research company SensePost explains, “What Facebook does and what Tinder does is go through your phone book, upload your phone book and does cross-correlation between your numbers and anyone else’s number – and suggest people based on that”.

Google, Facebook and other apps are always monitoring us. They keep tabs on what we are up to, know our schedule and who are the people that we like and who we don’t. Now, they don’t interrogate their users directly but carefully screen the details that are given on the social media and other forums.

Well, don’t freak out now. You give permission to Facebook and other media and dating apps to go through your phone and make changes in it while installing them (read the agreement license next time you install such kind of apps).

Now, this could either be a simple permutation case of fabled six-degree separation, or it could be a matter of serious concern. For more information on the story, check BBC.

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